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My friday expierence

my friday expierence

One Friday evening I decided not to go out with my friends and just spend whole evening enjoying myself and good time with my nice pink laptop. I opened it turned it on grabbed a snack from a refrigerator and got sunken into the wild of the internet. After spending an hour at the chat room where I met one really nice guy I accidentally found this website that sells electronic cigarettes. And because I have never heard about this new stuff I was really curious what it really is. So I started searching through the entire website thoroughly exploring every detail about this newly made modern peace of commodity.

What caught my interest in the first place was the design of all the electronic cigarettes.  Besides the fact that it is small and portable and because of that chargeable it looks like a pen. I mean who could have come up with this idea had to be a really big wiseacre. And the fact that some of electronic cigarettes design is created to look like a cigar is just outstanding. That is some really smart invention; I mean you have to have such a high intelligence quotient to create such an exclusive design. But there was one thing that I actually liked about is that it can be used like a hookah. And because I really like smoking hookah an even have a couple of those the idea to have one in my pocked got me so interested it this entire electronic cigarettes epidemic.   So after I come up whit the idea that it is really nice portable hookah despite it is not a water pipe it still looks like a good idea now to buy one of those electronic cigarettes for myself.

But then I started wondering if having a portable hookah in every step of the day wouldn’t it make me addicted to it and maybe then I would start smoking normal cigarettes and that would be really bad. So after a very long consideration I decided that after all I am not going to buy any kind of electronic cigarettes for myself. But because I admitted to myself that it is a really good invention after all it is supposed to be healthier I decided to buy one for my father because he is trying to quit and  it is considered to help people with big addiction for nicotine.